We Have A Strategic Vision for Global Aging

Taking On Longevity with Market Innovation

We develop initiatives that focus on meeting the challenges of worldwide aging with groundbreaking market solutions and progressive public policies.

Through our white papers, roundtables, webinars, presentations to third parties, and other communications materials, we are leading the global aging dialogue and providing public education designed to enable healthier and more active aging.

Infographic on Vision Health and the Future of Work

Preventable visual impairment is a missed opportunity that is growing in prevalence as the population ages. Age-related visual impairments, like presbyopia - which first begins to impact people around age 40, at the prime of their working lives - remain an underrecognized priority for governments and employers alike. 

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Wonder Drugs Vs. Superbugs

This startling paper, published by the Global Coalition on Aging in February 2022, asks readers to imagine a world in which commonly used medicines no longer protect us from disease and suggests four steps for leaders in government, business, and across society to help avert the public health crisis widely referred to simply as antimicrobial resistance, or AMR.

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Roundtable Report on Investing in Health Innovation for OECD Ageing Societies

In October 2021, as a partner of the OECD Forum, GCOA brought together experts for a virtual dialogue on the topic: “Investing in Health Innovation for OECD Ageing Societies: Models for Healthier, Active, and Fiscally Sustainable 21st-Century Ageing.” More than 20 cross-sector, cross-discipline global stakeholders discussed the health and economic imperatives for new solutions that enable healthy ageing, including representatives of the Japanese government, private companies, patient groups, and researchers. 

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Healthy Aging Circle: A Dialogue on Innovation, Collaboration and Patient Empowerment

The Healthy Aging Circle, an expert dialogue presented by GCOA with our member company Bayer, spotlights scientific innovation and multistakeholder collaborations as driving forces to achieve the goals of the UN/WHO Decade of Healthy Ageing. The video features an impressive roster of thought-leading voices from across industry, science, global institutions, and beyond to discuss some of the most exciting innovations in healthy aging to date and their outlook for future advancements.

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Expert Consultation on Alzheimer’s and Big Data


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IFA 11th Global Conference on Ageing


Educational Attainment and Retirement Report


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