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  1. Value of Home Care Report

    The Value of Home Care report, developed by GCOA in partnership with the Home Care Association of America, shines a spotlight on home care as a valuable and vital part of the solution to the challenges that accompany population aging. The report demonstrates the critical role that home care plays for seniors, their families, the health…

  2. Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey

    The fifth annual Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey analyzes multi-year trends and assesses the retirement expectations of 16,000 workers and retirees in 15 countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. The report finds a lack of progress in retirement readiness across the globe and highlights possible solutions of expanding access to workplace retirement benefits, implementing helpful…

  3. Leisure in Retirement Report

    This study is the latest in a series of in-depth studies by Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Age Wave. The series focuses on seven life priorities for people as they move to and through retirement and finds that as the baby boomer generation retires en masse to enjoy newfound freedom of time and activities,…

  4. Milken Institute Global Conference

    How will the redefinition of retirement change our lives, communities and institutions? Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Andy Sieg joins other thought leaders at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference for a discussion about the future of retirement.

  5. The Longevity Bonus

    Former Nebraska Governor and Senator Bob Kerrey joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Andy Sieg at a forum held at the Museum of American Finance to discuss how population aging is transforming retirement as we know it.

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