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  1. Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey

    The second annual Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey paints a picture of continued un-readiness when it comes to retirement planning. Despite increasing numbers of retirees, longer life expectancies and decreasing work age populations, all countries represented in the Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey showed a decline in readiness compared with 2012.

  2. Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey – Younger Workers

    This 2013 report is based on findings from the second annual Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey, which analyzed multi-year trends and assesses the retirement expectations of 11,000 workers in 12 countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. This report finds that the aspiration to save for retirement remains surprisingly strong for employees in their twenties. As…

  3. Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey

    The first annual Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey aims to better understand prevailing attitudes about retirement planning and personal expectations among the current working generation within eight European countries, as well as the United States. The report confirms that immediate action is required to address a general lack of retirement readiness. People have, however, started to recognize…

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