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  1. Value of Home Care Report

    The Value of Home Care report, developed by GCOA in partnership with the Home Care Association of America, shines a spotlight on home care as a valuable and vital part of the solution to the challenges that accompany population aging. The report demonstrates the critical role that home care plays for seniors, their families, the health…

  2. Milken Institute Global Conference

    How will the redefinition of retirement change our lives, communities and institutions? Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Andy Sieg joins other thought leaders at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference for a discussion about the future of retirement.

  3. Aging and Urbanization Report

    S&P created this solutions-oriented report was created in partnership with GCOA. The report examines the intersection between two defining demographic trends of the 21st century – rapid urbanization and aging populations – and outlines a set of principles to advance the creation of self-sustaining cities that support residents of all ages.

  4. WEF White Paper on Longevity and Economic Growth

    In October 2015, the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Ageing produced a white paper titled, ‘How 21st-Century Longevity Can Create Markets and Drive Economic Growth’, which underpins that business is on the brink of a new, innovative, and imperative opportunity that also has the potential to play a central role in transforming global…

  5. Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey

    How financially prepared are people across the world for retirement? Are they saving enough to meet their retirement goals? And what role should individuals, employers and governments play? The fourth annual Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey, we seek to address these questions and many more.

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