Nathan Vytialingam

Professor Nathan Vytialingam is an occupational therapist who has been in practice for the last 42 years. He graduated from the British College of Occupational Therapists in 1976 and pursued his post-graduate studies in Australia, obtaining his post-graduate Diploma in Health Sciences in 1983 and Master’s in Applied Science (Health) in 1984 under a Kellogg Fellowship.  He has worked in London, Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia in areas of rehabilitation specializing in Physical Rehabilitation. His area of interest is in age care especially in the areas on healthy aging.

He was instrumental in organizing 1st World Congress on Healthy Ageing in 2012, which has led to other countries organizing global conferences on healthy aging. The World Congress on Healthy Ageing is held once every three years, globally. He was instrumental in organising the 1stASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing in Sarawak, Malaysia in 2017, which now will be held biannually in the region.

Currently, he is one of the advisors for Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society (MHAS) and Dean of the Perdana University School of Occupational Therapy (PUScOT). He was awarded an Honorary Fellowshipby the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) in Cape Town, South Africa in 2018. The Honorary Fellowship is regarded by WFOT as the highest functioning award for outstanding contributions and distinguished service to the profession of occupational therapy at a local and international level and he is the first to receive the award in the region.

Latest Developments

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Health Equity Promise and That Innovation Thing

President Biden has pledged his administration to defeat cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases that target America’s aging population. To achieve these lofty goals, bold words must be backed up by bold actions.

Roundtable Report Highlights Importance of Immunizing Canada’s Caregivers Against Influenza, Identifying Challenges and Opportunities to Protect This Critical Group

The Global Coalition on Aging (GCOA) today released a report summarizing key insights from an expert roundtable on vaccinating Canada’s caregivers against influenza. The roundtable, held virtually, brought together leading Canadian health policy experts, family caregivers, patient advocacy groups, aging experts, and other thought leaders to discuss challenges and strategies to reach this critically important yet hard-to-reach group.

Women, Work, Wellness, and That Aging Thing…

The OECD Forum’s virtual event Women at The Frontline of the Recovery will presciently focus attention among policymakers and the public stakeholders alike on the unique relationship between the age demographic mega-trend and the essential policies needed for OECD economies to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Headlines of the Future Podcast: Decoding Healthy Aging

How can advancements in science and medicine make it possible for individuals to enjoy greater health and activity in their later years? For health leaders and organizations such as the Global Coalition on Aging, ensuring individuals can truly shine in their "Golden Years" is a matter of revisiting education and communication strategies, advancing digital health technologies and expanding access to healthcare innovation.

Longer Lifespans Require Secure Financial Futures

As many as half of 5-year-olds in the United States can now expect to live to 100, a population that is projected to swell in the decades ahead. Longer lifespans don’t guarantee a financially secure later life, however. If anything, in the absence of significant planning, extreme longevity may make financial security harder to attain.