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  1. Postpone Social Security for the Sake of the Young?

    To the Editor: This essay reflects the aging of American society as the most powerful, if underrecognized, trend of the 21st century. The longevity miracle bequeathed to us from 20th-century advances in medicine, sanitation and technology is joined by stunningly low birthrates. We can no longer pretend to merrily glide along without huge economic, social…

  2. Global Coalition on Aging, Partners Launch Community Health Initiative to Address CVD in Baltimore

    The Global Coalition on Aging (GCOA) has teamed up with local leaders to launch a community health initiative in Baltimore focused on addressing cardiovascular disease. Dubbed engAGE with Heart, the program claims to be the first of its kind and leverages six community partners in east and west Baltimore—four churches and two senior centers. Supported by Novartis, it is focused on reducing health inequities through community-led programming including health education, healthy food and preventive cardiovascular screening.

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