All FM: Interview with Michael Hodin

UK radio station All FM interviewed GCOA CEO Michael Hodin after he spoke at the Doing Ageing Differently conference, in Manchester. Manchester is the first UK city to be recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an age-friendly community. In this interview, Hodin explains the need for businesses to reframe their thinking and view the aging megatrend as a growth and market opportunity. “Companies need an aging strategy the way many have developed a millennial strategy,” he says. “This is true across industries — healthcare, finance, fashion, transportation.”

Source: All FM

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Older Americans Will Suffer If White House Cuts HIV Funding

President Trump’s latest proposal would allow health insurance plans to limit the HIV/AIDs medications they cover through Medicare Part D. Patients relying on Medicare Part D, would be one of six “protected classes” now denied access to their needed medicines. The proposal is shortsighted, as it surely will not save the costs projected in the proposed budget.

How Merrill Lynch Is Planning for Its Customers to Live to 100

The world is getting older. Children born in the developed world today can anticipate living to 100 and beyond, and those of us arriving at old age in good health stand a very good chance of living into our 90s. These shifts will change the workplace environment, and also offer companies new economic opportunities.

The Longevity Economy: Why Seniors Are a Fast-Growing Emerging Market

It’s the mother of all untapped markets: the world’s 65-plus population. Already at a historical high of over 600 million people, it’s projected to hit a full billion by 2030, and 1.6 billion by 2050. And unlike many other fast-growing markets, this expansion will take place primarily in wealthy countries. As