Aging Is
an Opportunity

Around the world, people are living longer as birth rates decline. As this dramatic shift in global demographics escalates, both public policymakers and the private business sector must reevaluate their long-term strategies. The changing landscape offers significant rewards for those with the foresight to adapt.

We’re stepping up to address population aging with new ways of thinking.

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    By the year 2050


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    By 2020, nearly double
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    Only a fraction of businesses have developed plans for the aging population

Our Initiatives

We’re meeting the challenges caused by global aging with winning strategies for economic growth and market solutions that help governments and businesses adapt to these massive demographic shifts.

Global Coalition on

Dementia Innovation Readiness Index

On July 27, 2018, GCOA and Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) released a new Dementia Innovation Readiness report for 2018, along with an update to the 2017 Index. The new report and the update officially launched at the ADI conference in Chicago.

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Michael Hodin, CEO Global Coalition on Aging

Silver Economy Forum

On July 9-10, 2019, the Silver Economy Forum will bring together legacy interests, C-suite business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and policy- and decision-makers in Helsinki to prepare business for the decade of Healthy Ageing 2020-30. Organized by the Global Coalition on Aging, the conference will be the center of informed global discussion on the challenges, opportunities, discoveries and forward-looking path for businesses and governments in meeting the needs and demands of a new world transformed by our rapidly changing demographics.

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Guiding Principles For Age-Friendly Businesses

The Guiding Principles for Age-Friendly Businesses help companies create workplaces that embrace and support workers of all ages – key to success in a rapidly aging world. Companies that endorse these seven principles not only will be seen as forward-thinking and ahead of the game, they also will be positioned to realize tangible gains in productivity, competitiveness, and worker satisfaction.

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Remote Care Delivery Initiative

GCOA's Remote Care Delivery initiative engages a diverse and cross-sector group of stakeholders in the RCD ecosystem, to, together, urge providers, payers, researchers, patients, caregivers, and advocates for healthy and active aging to adopt remote care delivery as a standard of care.

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Member Initiatives
  • Since 2012, Aegon has carried out the largest global retirement survey of its kind. The 2018 survey finds a crumbling "social contract" for retirement and calls for a new blueprint. More »

  • In partnership with the Gerontological Society of America, Bank of America Merrill Lynch released a report on the longevity economy and the central role that older Americans will play in our future economy. More »

  • BlackRock launched the BlackRock Retirement Institute in 2016 to enable clients and the broader community to make better decisions about retirement and longevity. More »


Our Membership

We represent some of the world’s most influential brands, providing them with strategic insights, best practices, and access to a growing network of influencers that can maximize their business potential and turn global aging into a catalyst for productivity and wealth creation.

More About Our Members

  • Market Preparation

    Our analysis of the aging market and related markets helps shape global receptivity to longevity-related business solutions.

  • Thought Leadership

    Our relationships with governments and global institutions enable us to inform them about the opportunities associated with aging populations.

  • Public Policy Influence

    Our understanding of the policy landscape helps strategically position businesses with the stakeholders leading the global dialogue on aging.

Latest Developments

We keep our members and partners in touch with the most recent updates and opinions in the worldwide dialogue on population longevity and related issues.

The Longevity Economy: Why Seniors Are a Fast-Growing Emerging Market

It’s the mother of all untapped markets: the world’s 65-plus population. Already at a historical high of over 600 million people, it’s projected to hit a full billion by 2030, and 1.6 billion by 2050. And unlike many other fast-growing markets, this expansion will take place primarily in wealthy countries. As