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  1. Vaccinating Canadian Caregivers Roundtable and Report

    In late 2021, GCOA convened a cross-sector group of Canadian and global experts and caregivers for a roundtable discussion to examine the critical importance of vaccinating Canada’s caregivers against influenza, current barriers, and opportunities for action to improve awareness and uptake of the vaccines. Following the roundtable, GCOA released a report, Tip of the Iceberg:…

  2. When Cancer Grows Old Report

    When Cancer Grows Old: Assessing the Socio-economic Burden of Cancer and Ageing and the Policies Required, a new report released in February 2022, examines the growing socioeconomic impact of cancer amid the global mega-trend of aging and makes recommendations for policies needed to more effectively address the growing burden. With an eleven-fold increased risk of…

  3. Digital Health Working Group

    GCOA’s Digital Health Working Group (DHWG) brings together members from across sectors to share ideas, initiatives, best practices, and policies related to digital health technologies. The goal of the DHWG is to  advance the application of digital technologies to support healthier aging for more people around the globe. Watch the video below to learn more…

  4. UNIDOP Dialogue on Digital Health

    The video was created by members of GCOA’s Digital Health Working Group as part of the celebration of the 2021 UN International Day of Older Persons – Digital Equity for All Ages.  

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